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​ANH LE, Ph.D.

Coach-Educator-Public Speaker

Hi, I’m Dr. Anh Le

I am a long term educator and success coach in the higher education field and a Certified Life Coach and a Parent Coach. 

I have a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and have enjoyed being a teacher, mentor, coach, and advisor for college students. I love it so much I want to offer it to people outside of the college environment, thus, I pursued my life coaching certification and became a life coach.


I am also a mother of three children. Parenting has been such a challenging and rewarding journey for me. It tests my limits, pushes my buttons, and inspires me to transform myself on so many aspects and levels. As I develop my skills and confidence in my parenting journey, I want to offer support to other parents who are also aspired to enhance their parenting skills.

As a life coach, I partner with my clients to empower them to find solutions for their problems and take actions to achieve their goals. I help clients feeling stressed, confused, and stuck in their personal and professional life to achieve a more balanced, meaningful, and satisfying life.

As a parent coach, I help parents dealing with disconnection, power struggles, and uncooperating children to find solutions that are effective and positive. I also support parents to create a happy, healthy, and harmonious family atmosphere while raising resourceful, responsible, respectful children.


My expertise (education, training, skills):

I have been providing coaching and self-improvement for almost 10 years. These have included individual client work, training & facilitation, workshop & curriculum development, mindfulness practice guidance, and Diversity and Inclusion training.

I am a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and I’m a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Early Childhood Educator, Empowering People in the Workplace Facilitator from the national Positive Discipline Association.

I speak and offer my coaching Vietnamese and English.


My coaching philosophy:

I honor my clients as the main agent and expert of change in their life. As a coach, I am a partner in the manifestation of clients’ goals and dreams by inviting deep reflection, suggesting resources and skill building tools, and offering unconditional positive support for the ups and downs of your journey.

I can help people with:

Career Exploration and Advancement

Personal and professional relationship building

Diversity and Inclusion training

Mindfulness Practices to enhance holistic wellbeing

Positive Parenting skills and problem solving.

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