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I came back to the Meadowlark cafe after years of not coming. My best friends and I used to come here often to hang out and enjoy their live music nights. And it also has been a while since I had a “to stay cup of coffee with foam art on top” because most days I just make my own tea at home or order to go. But today, I got to actually sit down and just enjoy my latte.

What a luxury.

So, I chose a spot near the big glass window where the really morning sun was shining through.

There I sat quietly with the sunshine on my face, a book on one hand, and a warm latte on the other, basked in the sunshine and a wonderful sense of calm, centered, glamorous, and serene being.

My mind was just present, still and spacious.

I was so in love with the moment, just sipping my fancy drink , savoring it , counting blessings. Like how my taste buds are working so well, my throat can swallow easily, and my eyes can see all the beautiful colors.

People started to come in to meet with friends. I enjoyed listening to their chattering, feeling connected with all these strangers who, just like me, were looking for happiness and connection.

We all have many conditions for happiness. What we usually lack is the capacity to realize and appreciate them. So next time you have a chance, take a moment to reconnect with yourself and the world from a place of stillness and openness.

And now it is time for me to leave my warm spot in the sun to go and entertain 100 second graders. And I am sure I will fall in love with those chaotic and joyful moments too.

I can do hard things, especially when with love in my heart and caffeine in my body. Cheers!

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