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Suffering and healing can co exist in one place and time.

Accept and honor both the sadness and joy in your heart garden.

There is no need for denial or struggle or fight.

Let your mindfulness and compassion take care of your suffering.

Cultivate your strength, mindfulness, and joy to embrace and transform your suffering.

Cry, eat ice cream, watch junk tv, write, vent, dance, call a friend, go to therapy, sleep, laugh, just allow yourself to rest, heal, and rejoice in life again and again.

It’s a wave, an endless cycle, a continuous process.

Don’t be loyal to your suffering, be committed to your joy, wellbeing, and flourishing

Have faith in and compassion for yourself!

Just as a lotus flower thrives because of the nourishments from the mud, your spirit is strengthened through the constructive and mindful embracing of all these complex feelings, which are parts of you but are not you or yours.

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