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Your soul needs silence to come alive and thrive

Space to retreat into the deeper and higher self

Beyond all the roles you play, tittles you hold, and responsibilities you carry

Beyond the craving and wanting

The running and grasping

The avoiding and desiring

The chasing and hiding from yourself

The pretending and posturing

The climbing and racing

The isolating and competing

You need silence to stop and listen to your inner wisdom, creativity, and power

To appreciate the complexity and spontaneity

To find peace, fire, and light

To embrace my vulnerability, sadness, and incompleteness

To let my truths come out

To let my light shine

To be inspired and to inspire

To intimately know this multifaceted, multidimensional, multilayered entity called me

To heal, to spark, to ignite

To whisper and shout out

To appreciate and share my blessings

Silence is the bridge into your soul

And the fertile ground for self understanding and flourishing

Cherish your silence!

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