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True love is not an emotion that is unpredictable and uncontrollable True love is not a thing to possess, compete for, or lose True love is not an addiction, to get a fix at all costs True love is not an accessory to adorn your ego True love is not a security blanket to ease your fears True love is not the holy grail that guarantees happy ever ending

True love is the commitment to nourish the soul True love is an organic delicate plant that needs regular care True loves is dealing with your own demons to prevent the spreading of toxics True love is going to bed every night and walking up every morning choosing love and connection over self righteousness and alienation True love is keeping your heart door open despite the wounds and doubts True love is realizing that we are each a soul wandering the universe looking for meaning and love, different journeys same dream

True love is loving yourself as the magical, divine, and magnificent creature you are blessed to be, and so is every one else True love is choosing compassion and appreciative joy over judgement and jealousy True love is a verb, always active and engaged True love embodies kindness, compassion, joy, and lightheartedness True love is the willingness to check your ego and prioritize your and others’ wellbeing

True love heals, makes whole, and enhances True love frees, inspires, and transforms True love takes self work, self love, and self respect True love up lifts, believes, and connects And it all starts with you, right here, right now. So make a decision to stubbornly, diligently, and joyfully love today!

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