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You are love

Even on the days you don’t feel loving

You don’t feel like smiling or embracing life

You don’t want to open your heart to let in the sunshine

You don’t want to be the bigger person and accept others’ flaws

You want to throw it all away

To get out, to hide from the world

You don’t feel joys from things and people you love the most

You question all your previous life decisions

You mind filled with worries and self doubts

You are far from your usual bubbly cheerful self

It’s ok to feel all this, to let it be part of you right now

No judgment, no blaming

You are allowed to feel all the emotions of the spectrum

You don’t have to define yourself by the ebb and flow of feelings

Just know that they are all temporary

Welcome them, enjoy them, be curious about them

Like a new puppy you have just encountered

Give yourself love and attention

Rest, eat, nap

Drink lot of water

Work out, dance, do yoga

Pamper yourself

Get out of the house

Get a babysitter

Get an extra large pink drink

Don’t expect others to take care of you

But most of all, just learn to enjoy the ride

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