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You have all the power

You have all the power to pursuit your passions

To love yourself completely

To do what soothe your soul

To seek healing and understanding

To accept your imperfections

To claim what the universe has blessed you with

To embrace, protect, and share your light

To agree to disagree with people’s opinions about you

To believe that you are lovable even when they are not showing you love

To take actions to heal your wounds and ignite your fire

To know your beauty and worth even when they can’t see it

No, you don’t need others’ permission to feel beautiful, whole, and valuable

No, you don’t need their approval to pursuit your healing and happiness

No, you don’t need their validation to claim the meaning of your life

And please do not wait for others’ agreement to start/continue your own journey to flourishing

So yes, you do have the all the power to unapologetically truly love yourself.

The question is, are you ready to claim and free that power yet?

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