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I am a Certified Professional Coach. As a coach, I serve as a partner and collaborator on your journey to define your own goals, choices, and decisions. I will offer deep listening, powerful questions, and helpful tools/skills but you are the driver of your journey. I specialized in coaching for mindful authentic positive development in the following areas:

1) Personal Growth: finding your true purpose, passion, and power to enhance your wellbeing and serve the world.

2) Relational Skillfulness: practicing skills to cultivate, nurture, and strengthen important relationships.

3) Parenting: enhancing parenting skills to create a loving, joyful, kind, and assertive parenting style.

Please contact me for a free Discovery session to see how I can support you in your pursuit of your goals. 

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A half day of mindfulness practices and community support for your healing and wellbeing. Guided activities will include sitting meditation, mindful eating, deep relaxation and many more to help you strengthen your daily mindfulness practice. Reconnect with and nurture your inner powers by engaging with the healing and empowering elements in nature and the collective positive energy. 


Date: Saturday, Oct. 8th

Time: 10am-3pm 

Location: Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center

11700 SW 100th St, Denton, NE 68339


Registration fee: 

Basic: $50

Basic + Support for the facilitators: $75

Basic + Support for the facilitators + Contribution to Scholarship Fund: $100

*Lunch is NOT included in the registration fee. Please bring a light plant-based lunch to enjoy. 


Registration link:

(Payment information will be email to you after you complete the registration)



Consulting involves collecting data, analyzing information, and proposing solutions to individual and/or group issues. I offer consulting services, to individuals and small groups, in these areas:

1) Cultural Competence: Cultural competence refers to the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

2) Mindful Authentic Positive Living/Working: Using mindfulness practices, strength-based strategies, and relationship building skills to guide the individual/group through the process of problem solving and healthy environment building.

Please contact me to discuss how I can support you and/or your team. 

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